Rules of Play


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Game Play:

The pallino is thrown by a member of the team having won the coin toss or other equal selection method to start the match.  Loser selects bocce color.

The player throwing the pallino must throw the first ball. Next team throws, regardless of if first ball is in or out of bounds. Player that starts the round must throw both balls before partner throws their first ball. At that time, the player can walk to other end of court and communicate with their partner.

Team furthest from the pallino continues to throw until they are closer or out of balls. One point for each bocce ball closer to the pallino than opponent’s closest ball.

Two points for a leaner aka bocce (a leaner is when a scoring ball touches any part of the pallino).

When a leaner by one team is matched by a leaner of the opposing team (i) In Round Robin play two points are awarded to both teams and the pallino goes to the team that threw the first leaner (ii) In Tournament play, no points are awarded and the pallino goes to the team that threw first.

After each round, the foot fault line shall be placed within 3 feet of the end line.

Only the Referee and two teams should be present on the court. All onlookers, fans, friends, and family should enjoy the game from outside the ropes.

Out of Bounds:

If any part of the pallino or scoring ball is touching one of the court boundary lines, then it is considered in-bounds. If the pallino is knocked out of bounds, then all balls are considered in-play.

If the pallino is thrown out of bounds while starting a round, the team gets one more chance to toss it in bounds, before the other team throws the pallino.

Foul Line:

Foul line must be laid in a straight line.

• Players tossing cannot step on, under, and/or over the foul line. A single warning will be given, then a penalty of loss of thrown ball on second offense.

• Player tossing cannot throw from a place wider than the foul line and will result in an immediate loss of ball thrown (without warning).

• Players cannot cross foul line until both of their balls are thrown. If a player crosses the line to get a better view of pallino, distance, and/or surroundings, then that player forfeits any ball(s) that he or she has left.

Throwing wrong ball: If a player tosses one of the opponent’s balls, their team forfeits one scoring ball for that round and other team receives their ball back.

Disputes: If there is any dispute, players can ask for an appeal from the tournament director, whose decision is final.





Round Robin Time Limit and Scoring:

Scoring for the Round Robin games are to 9 points, with the winner receiving a 2 point bonus for a total of 11 points. Losing team’s points shall be registered on the score sheet with out bonus. Each team will play every other team once.

All round robin matches must end by 12:45 pm. It is the responsibility of all teams to monitor playing speed and alert a director of slow play. Final ruling will be left to the director.

The two leading teams on the scorecards at 12:45 pm will advance to single-elimination. (see below).

Reporting Results:

The winning team of each court will be responsible for reporting Round Robin results to designated NCAA court monitor within 5 minutes of the match’s completion. At 12:45 all results are final.

Teams Advancing from Round Robin Play:

1st  Place: Most total points scored during RR

2nd   Place: 2nd most total points scored during RR.


•       If two way tie for 1st  or 2nd   in points scored: team that won head to head game takes the number 1 spot

•       If 3-way tie in points for 1st  or 2nd: Team with the best record during the round robin takes the spot

•       If same record in tie breaker for 2nd   place: Team with most points scored against #1 team takes the spot.

Tournament Scoring: All single elimination games are played to 11.  If the match is tied, teams play an additional round, or rounds, until there’s a winner.

Sportsmanship: This is a competitive charity event and any action that goes against the spirit of the event should be reported to a director so that a ruling or disqualification can be determined. Cheering is encouraged where as jeering is frowned upon.


In Round Robin play, Team 3 on the scorecard will ref the first match, and then the losers of each match will ref thereafter. Referees are to keep score, make measurements, and declare color to throw.  They are not to give information that influences either team, their decisions, or outcome of the match.